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Yeast Infection Prescriptions

One of the most common forms of yeast infection treatments is that of prescriptions that are provided to patients by doctors. There are four notable yeast infection prescriptions that should be considered for any woman who is suffering from a yeast infection. Talking with a doctor for assistance will be needed.

The first thing to do about a yeast infection prescription is to consult a doctor. A doctor who is qualified will be able to tell if the problem in the vaginal area is indeed a yeast infection and if there are any types of yeast infection treatments that can be offered by the doctor for the individual patient's needs. In some cases the case may not be very serious and can be handled with simple over the counter yeast infection treatments. It is best to consult a doctor to see if the case is serious enough or not.

Diflucan is one of the top yeast infection prescriptions that are used. It will kill off all sorts of different kinds of bacteria including the types that cause Candida, a common yeast infection. It takes only one pill to take care of the problem but it can be costly on the market. There are also some cases of allergies to the drug.

Gynazole is one of the most popular treatments for yeast infections. It is a topical treatment and therefore will have very few side effects if any. It also reduces the likelihood of any discharges coming as a result of the yeast infection. It can damage latex and it has been reported to have some adverse reactions in certain cases.

Terazol is used for a greater variety of yeast infections. It works with more types of bacteria than typical over the counter yeast infection treatments would handle. It does cause headaches and flu like symptoms in a small portion of people who use it though.

The last of the yeast infection prescriptions to consider is that of Nizoral. It can be used alongside of antibiotics as a prophylactic against yeast infections that are caused by antibiotic use in the past. It will also take care of any type of yeast infection that a woman would have. It should be warned that excessive usage of this drug is not recommended because excessive use can damage the liver and adrenaline glands.

These are all some yeast infection prescriptions that should be considered. These are known to be especially powerful and can handle any kind of problems in the body. However, it should be noted that there are some side effects with many of them. Remember to consult a doctor for one of these prescriptions and to see if the individual problem that needs to be treated does require a prescription.

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